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Geval6’s Data Management Practice ensures effective use of past data to enable businesses form current strategies for future growth. Be it Collibra, Informatica or Snowflake, we have the expertise to equip businesses to exploit data available to the fullest.


Data is one asset, whose depreciation is negative.


Geval 6 was formed and founded by Data Management Professionals. We are uniquely positioned to help our customers by providing solutions that not just addresses the pain points but flexible enough to address future needs. The transition from click and mortar model to pure play digital business with machine learning and AI will be a reality only if data is managed properly.

There are several challenges that businesses need to counter to effectively harness data, some of which are business related and some technology related. Challenges can also be in the form of Data being

  • Unhygienic, not readily available for analysis

  • Fragile, turning unhealthy overnight

  • Partial, because not planned for future

We have consultants who have solid foundation in the core Data Management skills including Data Modelling, Data Warehousing, Data Mining, Data Quality and Data Integration to effectively counter the above challenges and more. We have product agnostic Data Management partners with many architects and developers. Our consultants have experience in various domains including Finance, Insurance and healthcare implementing various compliances/regulations including SOX, CCAR, BCBS & HIPAA.

Our Offerings

Geval 6’s offerings in this area span across multiple Data Governance frameworks.

Geval 6 offers services around the following frameworks



  • We have been part of various Data Governance initiatives for several Fortune 500 Companies using COLLIBRA. Our team has been part of our customer’s Chief Data Office playing various roles in providing Data Governance Solutions using the following COLLIBRA features

  • Data Dictionary

  • Business Glossary

  • Data Lineage

  • Policy Manager

  • And many more...



  • We have strong expertise in implementing Cloud Data Warehouse using SNOWFLAKE. We have helped our customers reduce the time for analysts to collect, manipulate and structure data with large volumes. We have complete understanding of what Snowflake EDW has to offer which enables us to make use of some of its unique features such as

  • The Cloud Architecture

  • Support for JSON/XML

  • Streams and Tasks

  • SnowPipe

  • And many more...



  • We have been providing Informatica based data solutions to our customers since 2005. We have provided data solutions to our customers using several Informatica features and products including

  • Data Engineering

  • Data Integration

  • Data Quality & Governance

  • iPaaS

  • And many more...

Our Process

Data governance is about integrating business strategy with information policy. It is about defining, implementing, and enforcing formal policies and processes for how information is generated, stored, used, and maintained across a business.

Data Governance Activities
  • This presents various activities we need to carry out for Data Governance. Typically, the activities are to be taken up at 3 different levels

  • Organization (Structure, Policies, Standards)

  • Definition (Supervision, adherence)

  • Implementation (Repository)

  • Can go through this in multiple cycles (akin to sprints in Agile) for step-by-step implementation.

Data Governance Activities

Data Quality Process

Data Quality Process
  • What you store is what you get and that applies the best to Data. If the data stored is incorrect, the business decision we make using this becomes a suspect.

  • Data quality process is extremely important and this is a continuous process.

Our Technology Portfolio


DG Frameworks


BI/DW, Dashboards

Big Data




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Our Team of Experts

Our data management experts have solid foundation in the core Data Management skills including Data Modeling, Data Warehousing, Data Mining, Data Quality and Data Integration. We also have experts who are Database Architects with deep understanding of database administration to run the business seamlessly.